Burleson Adventist® School

Educating for Eternity

Tuition Information and Fees


  Registration Monthly Tuition
(Full Day)
  5 Day Week                           $400 $420
  3 Day Week $400 $325

Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade

  Registration Monthly Tuition
  Kindergarten-4th grade $400 $420
  5th and 6th grade $400 $440
  7th grade $400 $445
  8th grade $400 $450


  • 5/6th grade tuition includes some field trips, outdoor school, and etiquette banquet.    7th grade includes History trip.   8th grade includes some field trips, class trip and graduation.
  • A $50 registration discount is available if your account is current and registration is paid by June 15th. The discount does not apply to Pre-School.
  • For families enrolling 3 children, a 30% discount is available on the lowest of the three tuition rates.
  • A referred tuition credit of $100 per new student is available to all families that refer a new family to BAS. The referred family will also receive a tuition credit of $100 per new student. Details available in the school office.